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Okay I can't sleep so I figured I might as well spam deviantart.

As some of you know, the only thing that motivates me is being able to play games. It's literally the only reason I'm trying to work- making some projects I'm getting paid for or dealing with commissions. I'm trying to get money to help my parents out a bit (even though they don't deserve it) BUT mostly I do it for myself. To buy games.
I have no plans for future, I'm not interested in career and such stuff.
Games are the only reason.
Do you think it's rather okay, or it shows how ruined and worthless I am? Either way I don't care.

It just feels a bit frustrating since I actually can't afford anything right now, and suddenly things that never seemed interesting to me, started to be my obsession.
For example Pokemon TCG. I always thought it was too hard for me and that the games were better, but now I just can't stop getting all fired up when I think about cards.
To be honest, I've never owned a single card haha what a shame.
Just now I tried to figure out if there's anyone who's currently selling their collection (I decided it's way convenient to buy used collection of 400 cards than try and figure out what deck should I get, especially that I just want to mess around and not do it the pro way) and I found a few offers but it still costs money.
I'm even trying to ask my cousins if they have such stuff. Because I want to get all I can and I hope they didn't throw Pokemon merch away. It'd be cool to find out that my bros own a box of figurines and cards and they're willing to give it to me to make me happy haha (no way in hell it'll happen but I'll still try).

I need to force my sister to asking her friends and my "ex" friends if they still have pokemon things buried somewhere in their basements or attics. I won't let her go without helping me out.

Hell I don't even know why I'm writing all this. I JUST HAVE A MIGHTY NEED OKAY.

Now, here's what happened just 3 hours earlier: I was showing my mom some of the games I have on my 3ds (mostly Virtual Console haha and demos) and my sister wanted to play demo of Nintendogs.
We started talking about it a bit (I told her that I won't let her play because it's demo and it's turning off after like 15 minutes and she already have played it a lot of times before), and I said something along the lines (dripping with sarcasm of course) "go to daddy and he'll buy the full version for you immediately. Or tell grandma. Everyone will buy it for you immediately"

And I decided to do a test.
I told my mom that my dad WILL buy this shitty game immediately because it's for my sister. I searched a bit and found Nintendogs in a bit lower price than most of the other offers had. I got out of my bed and went to my dad's room.

He didn't even ask why, and he didn't even say no once. He just bought it.
For my sister
To play.
On my 3ds that is one of the three things I keep an eye for constantly to avoid damaging.

So I thought HMM MAYBE HE GOT SOME EXTRA MONEY FOR DOING SOME POLICEMAN JOB and I told him that there's that game I really really REALLY want (acnl) and told him that the lowest price I found was about 130 PLN (around 40 USD) but he didn't even shrug
So yeah.

I swear to god I'll hit the next person that says my sister isn't being favored and spoiled.

K its 3.30am time to get some sleep so I'll have energy to handle the next day of dying from boredom and frustration.
  • Mood: Frustrated


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